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Author Names Topic Journal Name Volume Number Issue Number Page Number Year Published Impact Factor
Rajesh Kumar, G.S. Arora and V.V. RamamurthyA new subspecies of Talicada nyseus (Guerin) (Lepidoptera : Lycaenidae) from Delhi, IndiaOriental Insects43297-3072009
V.V. Ramamurthy, Mir Shamim Akhtar, Nitisha V. Patankar, Pratibha Menon, Rajesh Kumar, Shakti Kumar Singh, Shaloo Ayri, Shama Parveen and Vishal MittalEfficiency of different light sources in light traps in monitoring insect diversityMunis Entomology & Zoology51109-1142010
Rajesh Kumar and V.V. RamamurthyMorphology and bionomics of Phycodes radiata, Ochsenheimer (Lepidoptera: Brachodidae) from IndiaTijdschrift voor Entomologie15315-242010
Rajesh Kumar, Vishal Mittal, N. V. Patankar and V.V. RamamurthyBionomics of mycophagous coccinelid, Psyllobora bisoctonotata (Mulsant) (Coleoptera: Coccinellidae)Munis Entomology & Zoology 5(2): 652-65752652-6572010
G. Rajkhowa, Rajesh Kumar and R.K. RajanGynandromorphy in Antheraea assamensis Helfer (Saturniidae: Lepidoptera) from Lahdoigarh, Assam (India)Munis Entomology & Zoology5 (suppl.)1191-11932010
Rajesh Kumar, G. Rajkhowa, N.J. Dhar and R.K. RajanA new record of Xylotrupes gideon (Linnaeus) (Coleoptera: Scarabaeidae) on Persia bombycina, Kost. from IndiaMunis Entomology & Zoology61173-1752011
G. Rajkhowa, Rajesh Kumar, and R.K. RajanStudies on the long-term preservation method of Muga Cocoon (Antheraea assamensis Helfer) at low temperatureMunis Entomology & Zoology62815-8182011
Rajesh Kumar, G. Rajkhowa, M. Sankar and R.K. RajanA new host plant for the Tea Borer, Euwallacea fornicatus (Eichhoff) (Coleoptera: Scolytidae) from IndiaActa Entomologica Sinica546734-7382011
Rajesh Kumar and V.V. RamamurthyChecklist of the genus Eublemma Hübner, 1821 (Lepidoptera: Noctuidae: Eublemminae)Munis Entomology & Zoology711227-12512012
Rajesh Kumar, G. Rajkhowa and A. B. BarapatreLamprolabus pseudobispinosus Legalov & Liu, 2005 (Coleoptera: Attelabidae), new record to India Munis Entomology & Zoology721282-12832012
Rajesh Kumar, Vishal Mittal, Neeraj Kumar and V.V. RamamurthyTaxonomic aid to major crambid vegetable pests from North India (Lepidoptera: Crambidae)Munis Entomology & Zoology82858-8752013
Rajesh Kumar and Vinay KumarA new species of genus Macdunnoughia Kostrowicki (Lepidoptera: Noctuidae) from IndiaMunis Entomology & Zoology82876-8822013
Mohammad Hayat, L. Roni K. Singh and Rajesh KumarA new species of encyrtid (Hymenoptera) on gall-inducing psyllids (Hemiptera) from IndiaOriental Insects472-3150-1542013


Details of Published Book/Book Chapters:

ISBN Book Name Chapter Year Published Co-Author Publisher
10: 3844382984, 13: 978-3844382983Biosystematics of Major Lepidopteran Pests of Vegetables2012Rajesh Kumar, V.V. Ramamurthy and Neeraj KumarLAP LAMBERT Academic Publishing, Germany
Grainage Technology for Quality See Production of Muga Silkworm, Antheraea assamensis Helfer2010Rajesh Kumar and G. Rajkhowa and R.K. RajanCentral Muga Eri Research and Training Institute, Lahdoigarh 785700


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