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Author Names Topic Journal Name Volume Number Issue Number Page Number Year Published Impact Factor
Kar, D. and Barbhuiya, A. H.Status of chocolate mahseer of river Barak with a note on its morphometry and meristics. J. Inland Fish. Soc. India42159-642010
Kar, D., Barbhuiya, A. H., Saha, B., Devi, S., Momin, M. G. and Das, B.Protection of fish  diversity  in Meghalaya  needs  conservation  measures- in the context of fishing devices used.Fishing Chimes301124-1272010
Kar, D., Barbhuiya, A. H., Das, B., Purkayastha, M., Barbhuiya, M. H., Saha, D., Laskar, R.A. and Arjun, J.An account of the medicinal plants in certain regions of Assam, India.Environment & Ecology283B1965-19682010
Kar, D., Barbhuiya, A.H.Length-weight relationship and condition factor in Puntius amphibius(Valenciennes)and Puntius vittatus Day from Barak valley region of Assam.J. Inland Fish. Soc., India42176-772010
Barbhuiya, A. H. and Kar, D.The Copper mahseer of river Barak with a note on their morphometry and meristics.Transient., India11155-1672011
Barbhuiya, A. H. and Kar, D.Study of the plankton diversity in the river Jatinga of north east India.Conservation Forum Journal3164-672011
Barbhuiya, A. H.Mahseer Fishes of River Barak, Jatinga, Dhaleswari and Ganol in North East India.Research Journal of Recent Sciences17-162012
Barbhuiya, A. H. and Kar, D.Study of the plankton diversity in the river Dhaleswari of north east India. Transient., India2113-262012
Kar, S., Barbhuiya, A. H. and Kar, D.A note on Menarche and Menopause among the Kaibartas of Barak Valley.Transient., India2136-412012
Saha, M., Barbhuiya, A. H. and Chakraborty, H.Vehicular Traffic and Environmental Pollution in Garo Hills: A Case Study of Garo Hills Autonomous Council (GHADC), India.International Research Journal of Biological Sciences285-82013


Details of Published Book/Book Chapters:

ISBN Book Name Chapter Year Published Co-Author Publisher
9789382007173Treatise on Mahseer Fishes2012Kar, D.Dominant Publishers, (New Delhi ).
9789382062240Proceedings of National Seminar organized by Don Bosco College, Tura, MeghalayaStatus of Biodiversity in India, Conservation and Social Relevance with Reference to NE India2012Lyngdoh, T. S., Varghese, P.Excel India Publishers (New Delhi)
9789381183793Proceedings of National Seminar organized by Don Bosco College, Tura, MeghalayaQuality Sustenance in NAAC Accredited Institutions of Higher Education.2013Varghese, P., Saha, M., Bhowmik, U., Gracy, L.K., and Mohanty, P.N. L. Publications, (Assam)
9789381142998Frontiers of Wetlands Fishers & Aquaculture Research2013Kar, D. Manglam Publications (New Delhi)


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