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Deka A, Sarma Kabita, and Das B JHistomorphological observation on the testes of Pygmy Hog (Porcula salvania)Indian Veterinary Journal910582-8320140.06
Deka A, Baishya G, Sarma Kabita, Dev Choudhury KB and Rajkhowa J Comparative Anatomical Study on the Isthmus of Pati and Chara-Chemballi Ducks (Anas platyrhynchos domesticus) during laying periodsIndian J. Vet. Anat.262120-1212014
Ranade S, Pegu SR, Deka A, Deori P, Das BJ, Dev Choudhury KB , Baishya G and Kachari JAspergilosis in a rescued Himalayan griffon vulture Gyps himalayenensis: A case studyIndian J. Vet. Pathol.383213-2142014
Sarma Kamal and Deka A Gross Anatomical Studies on the Tongue of Pati Duck (Anas platyrhynchos domesticus)Indian J. Vet. Anat.27165-662015
Choudhury M, Kalita D, Sarma K K, Upadhyaya T N and Deka AComparative Evaluation of Strip and Pinch Skin Autografts for the Management of Wound in CaninesIntas Polivet16132-3520150.532
Deka A, Bishya G, Sarma Kabita and Bhuyan MComparative anatomical study on infundibulum of Pati and Chara-Chemballi ducks (Anas platyrhynchos dometicus) during laying periodsVet. World.7271-2740.4122014
Chamuah J K, Pegu S R, Raina O K, Siju S J, Sakhrie A, Deka A. and Rajkhowa CPimply gut condition in mithun (Bos frontalis) calves J. Parasitic Dis.DOI 10.1007/s12639-014-0487-62014
Deka A, Sarma Kamal, Sarma S, Goswami J and Mahanta JDAnatomy of ovary of Pati and Chara-Chemballi ducks (Anas platyrhynchos domesticus) during laying periods J. Agri. and Vet. Sci.8133-3720151.48
Kalita PC, Deka A, Kalita A, Doley PJ and Das BJ Morphology of the skull of Pygmy Hog (Porcula salvanias) - A forensic approachJ. Agri. Vet. Sci.8123-2620151.48
Dev Choudhury KB, Deka A, Sarma M and Rajkhowa JPhenotypic Morphometric Study on an Adult Common Palm Civet (Paradoxurus hermaphrodites)J. Agri. Vet. Sci.8437-3820151.48
Deka, A.; Baishya, G.; Das, B.J.; Talukdar, M. and Kalita, P.C. Gross Anatomy of the Scapula of Pygmy Hog (Porcula salvania)Indian Journal Veterinary Anatomy252109-1102013
2. Baishya, G.; Gautam, C.K.; Pathak, H. and Deka, AGross and Histomorphology of the Ovary of an Asian Elephant Calf (Elephas maximus)Indian Journal Veterinary Anatomy2512013
Choudhury, K.B.D.; Sarma, M.; Dandapat, A.; Debnath, B.C. and Deka, ACranial morphologic and morphometric characteristics of Black Bengal goat of Tripura. Indian Journal of Animal Science83111172-11762013
Deka, A.; Bishya, G.; Sarma, K. and Bhuyan, MComparative anatomical study on infundibulum of Pati and Chara-Chemballi ducks (Anas platyrhynchos dometicus) during laying periodsVeterinary World7271-2742014
Talukdar, D.J.; Burhagohain, R.; Ahmed, M; Deka, A.; Ahmed, K. and Hussain, JSeminal attributes of Japanese quail in AssamIndian Journal of Animal Production and Management313-480-822015
Kalita, D.; Deka, A. and Bhattacharjya, R. Artificial insemination in goatThe North-East veterinarian15310-122015
Kalita, B.; Das, M. K.; Sarma, M. and Deka, ASkin targeted delivery of rutin-phospholipid complex: patch formulation, in vitro-in vivo evaluationWorld Journal of Pharmaceutical Science2321-30862015
Deka, A.; Sarma, K.; Sarma, S.; Goswami, J.; Mahanta, J.D. and Talukdar, MComparative anatomical studies on the uterus of Pati and Chara-Chemballi ducks during their laying periodsJournal of Animal Research63457-4602016
Borah, L.; Das, A. K.; Phukan, B.; Sarmah, S. and Deka, AVamDia Forte as intestinal function modulator for broiler.Journal of Animal Research64729-7312016
Talukdar, M.; Deka, A.; Pachoni, A.; Sarma, K.; Islam, S. and Bhuyan, MGross anatomical studies on femur of Hoary-Bellied Himalayan squirrel (Callosciurus pygerythrus)Theriogenology Insight6279-822016
Deka, A.; Sarma, K.; Sarma, S.; Goswami, J.; Mahanta, J.D. and Talukdar, DComparative Biochemical Parameters Studies on Pati and Chara-Chemballi Ducks (Anas platyrhynchos domesticus) during their laying periodsInternational Journal of Livestock Research. 722277-19642017
Sinha, S.; Devchoudhury, K. B. D.; Deka, A.; Rajkhowa, J. and Sarma, MOsteomorphology of Femur of the Asian Palm Civet (Paradoxurus hermaphrodites). Advances in Bioresearch82167-1702017
Deka, A.; Sarma, K.; Rajkhowa, J.; Sarma, M. and Ahmed, JMacro and Micro Anatomical Studies on Oesophagus, Proventriculus and Gizzard of Pati Duck (Anas platyrhynchos domesticus) of AssamInternational Journal of Chemical studies52443-4452017
Kalita, B.; Das, M. K.; Sarma, M. and Deka, A.Sustained Anti-inflammatory Effect of Resveratrol-Phospholipid Complex Q1 4 Embedded Polymeric PatchAAPS Pharmaceuticals Science and Technology183629-6452017
Das, N.; Bhuyan, M. and Deka, ATreatment of Anovular oestrus in a crossbred cowInternational Journal of Chemical studies52541-5422017
Devchoudhury, K. B. D.; Sarma, M.; Talukdar, M.; Gautam, C.K. and Deka, AAnatomy of solitary lymphoid nodules in large intestine of post weaned pigsInternational Journal of Chemical studies52510-5122017
Das, S.; Singh, I.; Bhomwalkar, B. and Deka, AUltra structural studies on the proventriculus of Kadaknath Fowl.International Journal of Chemical studies52531-5342017
Deka, A.; Sarma, K.; Rajkhowa, J.; Ahmed, J.; Sinha, S. and Kachari, J. Macro anatomical study on the Heart of Asian Elephant Calf (Elephas maximus)Journal of Entomology and Zoology studies53360-3622017
Deka, A.; Sarma, K.; Sarma, S.; Goswami, J.; Mahanta, J. D.; Talukdar, D.; Rajkhowa, J. and Perumal, PAnatomical studies on the sperm storage organ of Pati and Chara-Chemballi ducks.Indian Journal of Animal Research2017
Das, A.; Kalita, D. and Deka, ATesticular tumor (seminoma) and its surgical management: a case reportNorth East Veterinary Journal2017
Deka, A.; Sarma, K.; Pachoni, A.; Kalita, D. and Ahmed, JMacro Anatomical studies on the heart, lung, trachea, kidney and liver of Common rat snake (Ptyas mucosa)Theriogenology Insight2017


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