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Das P.J, Mishra DK, Ghosh S, Avila F, Johnson GA, Chowdhary BP, Raudsepp T.Comparative organization and gene expression profiles of the porcine pseudoautosomal region.Cytogenetics and Genome Research14126-362013
Das P.J., McCarthy F.,Vishnoi M., Kachroo P .,Gresham C., Li G., Love C.C., Varner D.D., Chowdhary B.P., Raudsepp T.Stallion sperm transcriptome comprises functionally coherent coding and regulatory RNAs as revealed by microarray analysis and RNA-seq.PloS One812e1003139 2013
Raudsepp T, McCue M.E., Das P.J., Dobson L. ,Vishnoi M., Fritz K.L., Schaefer R., Rendahl A., Love C.C., Mickelson J.R., Varner D. D., Chowdhary B.P.Genome-Wide Association Study Implicates Testis-Sperm Specific FKBP6 as a Susceptibility Locus for Impaired Acrosome Reaction in Stallions.PLoS Genetics82e565352012
Avila F., Das P.J, Kutzler M., Owens E, Perelman P., Rubes J., Johnson J.W. ,Raudsepp T Development and application of molecular tools for camelid cytogenetics. Journal of HeredityOct 29Epub ahead of print2012
Raudsepp T., Das P.J., Avila F., Chowdhary B.P.The pseudoautosomal region and sex chromosome aneuploidies in domestic species. Disorders of Sex Development in Domestic Animals. Sexual Development61-372-832011
Das, P.J., Lyle, S., Beehan, D, Chowdhary, B.P. Raudsepp, TCytogenetic and molecular characterization of Y isochromosome in a 63XO/64Xi(Yq) mosaic karyotype of an intersex horse.Disorders of Sex Development in Domestic Animals. Sexual Development61-3117-1272011
Raudsepp T., Durkin K., Lear T., Das P.J., Avila F. Kachroo P., Chowdhary, B.P.Molecular heterogeneity of XY sex reversal in the horse. Animal Genetics41Suppl. 241–522010
Juras R., Raudsepp T., Das P.J., Conant E., Cothran E.G.XX/XY blood lymphocyte chimerism in heterosexual dizygotic American Bashkir Curly horse twins. Journal of Equine Veterinary Science3010575-5802010
Das P.J., Paria N., Gustafson-Seabury A., Vishnoi M., Chaki S.P., Love C.C., Varner D.D., Chowdhary B.P., Raudsepp T. Total RNA isolation from stallion sperm and testis biopsies.Theriogenology.7461099-11062010
Sudderth A.K., Das P.J., Varner D.D, Raudsepp T.Determination of optimal semen processing methods for total RNA isolation and sperm genomic analysis. ISER-2010. Animal Reproduction Science. 121S2101S149-S1502010
Das P.J., Vishnoi M., Kachroo P., Wang J., Love, C.C., Varner D.D and Raudsepp T.Expression microarray profiling of sperm and testis mRNA of reproductively normal stallions. Animal Reproduction Science121S2010S1752010
Das P.J., Chowdhary B.P., Raudsepp T. Characterization of the bovine pseudoautosomal region (PAR) and comparison with sheep, goat and other mammalian PARs.Cytogenetics and Genome Research126139–1472009
Schneider D.A., O’Rourke K., Ahmed T., Das P.J., Raudsepp T.Blood chimerism confounds genetic relative susceptibility testing for classical scrapie in sheep.Journal of Veterinary Diagnostic Investigation21295–3052009
Rajaravindra K.S., Das P.J., Sukumar K., Ghosh S.K., and Mitra A.Molecular characterization of a novel variant of interferon-tau (IFNT) gene in Garole breed of sheep (Ovis aries).Animal Reproduction science.1043-4238-2472008
Bhushan B., Patra B.N., Das P.J., Dutt T., Kumar P., Sharma A., Umang, Dandapat S. Ahlawat S.P.S.Polymorphism of exon 2-3 of bovine major histocompatibility complex class I BoLa-A gene. Genetics and Molecular Biology303560-5662007
Bhushan B., Patra B.N., Paswan C., Umang, Kumar P., Dutt T., Das P.J., Sharma, A., Ahlawat S.P.S.DNA polymorphism of Bola-DRB 3.2 gene in Tharparkar Cattle (Bos indicus) by PCR-RFLP.Journal of Applied Animal Research322187-1902007
Joy F., Basak S., Gupta S.K., Das P.J., Ghosh, S.K., Ghosh T.C. Compositional Correlations in Canine Genome reflects similarity with human genome.Journal of Biochemistry and Molecular Biology393240-2462006
Biswas S., Das P.J., Ghosh, S.K., Pradhan N.R.Diagnosis of Canine Parvovirus (CPV) DNA by Polymerase Chain Reaction assay and its prevalence in dogs in and around Kolkata, West Bengal.The Indian Journal of Animal Sciences764324-3252006
Das P.J., Ghosh S.K. Standardization of RAPD Technique in Farm Animal. Journal of Interacademia.104561-5632006
Sarma, P., Das P.J. and Ghosh, S.K.Comparative studies of reproductive and Productive traits between Deshi and cross bred cattle in field condition of West Bengal.Journal of Interacademia.71200-2072006
Sarma P., Das P.J., Ghosh S.K.A comparative study of Fat and SNF% of milk of desi and crossbred cows.Indian Veterinary Medical Journal.29238-2452005
Das P.J., Ghosh S.KSpecies Identification of farm animals using RAPD assay. Indian Veterinary Medical Journal 29235-2372005
Bagchi B.B., Das P.J., Misra S.K.Characterization of reproductive and productive traits of Ghoongroo Pig in Tarai Region of West Bengal.Journal of Interacademia2005
Das P.J., Ghosh S.K.Molecular Identification of Sheep, Goat and Pig using RAPD assay.Journal of Research, SKUAST-J.III2126-1302004
Das P.J.; Ghosh, S.K. and Duttagupta R.Genetic Associations with the yield and purity of Genomic DNA for Buffalo, Cattle, Goat, Sheep and Pig.Journal of Interacademia82240-2432003
Ahmed. J.A., Sanyal, S., Das P.J., Bhattachariya M.K.Electrocardiographic observations in poultry birdsJournal of Interacademia.6Spl666-6692002


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CHAPTER 13 Genomics of reproduction and fertility2013Raudsepp, T.; Chowdhary, B.P.Willey Blackwell publication


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