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Juwar Doley , Lakshya Veer Singh, G. Ravi Kumar ,Aditya Prasad Sahoo Lovleen Saxena ,Uttara Chaturvedi, Shikha Saxena, Rajiv Kumar, Prafull Kumar Singh & R. S. Rajmani, Lakshman Santra & S. K. Palia, S. Tiwari, D. R. Harish, Arvind Kumar, G. S. Desai, Smita Gupta, Shishir K. Gupta and A. K. Tiwari. Canine Parvovirus Type 2a (CPV-2a)-Induced Apoptosis in MDCK Involves Both Extrinsicand Intrinsic Pathways.Appl Biochem Biotechnol1714 2013
Prafull K Singh, Juwar Doley, Aditya P Sahoo, G. Ravi Kumar, Ashok K. Tiwari.Oncolytic viruses and their specific targeting to tumour cells.Indian Journal of Medical Research1364571
Lovleen Saxena, U. Chaturvedi, Shikha Saxena, G.Ravi Kumar, A.P.Sahoo, Sudesh Kumar, J.Doley, R.S.Rajmani, Prafull, K. Singh, Rajiv Kumar and A. K.TiwariCharacterization and in-vitro expression of non-structural protein of Canine Parvo virus (CPV-sss2) in mammalian cell line.Indian Journal of Experimental Biology49654-6592011
R.S. Rajmani, J. Doley, P.K. Singh, Ravi Kumar, R. Barathidasan, Pawan Kumar, P.C. Verma and A.K. Tiwari.Induction of mammary gland tumour in rats using N-methylN-nitroso urea and their histopathology.Indian J. Vet. Pathol.352142-1462011
Shikha Saxena, G. Ravi Kumar, Prafull Singh, Uttara Chaturvedi, Lovleen Saxena, Rajiv Kumar, A. P. Sahoo, Juwar Doley, R.S. Rajmani, Sudesh Kumar, Ashok K TiwariProkaryotic expression of Chicken Infectious anemia Apoptin protein and characterization of its Polyclonal antibodies for Oncolytic studies. Indian Journal of Experimental Biology50325-331


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Applied aspect of BiotechnologyViruses as anticancer agent2010Prafull K Singh, A.P. Sahoo, Ravi Kumar, R.S. Rajmani and Ashok K Tiwari Indian Veterinary Research Institute


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