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Buragohain, L., Kumar, R., Nanda, T., Gupta, S. S., Sharma, R. K., Mohanty, A. K., Kumar, S., Baithalu, R. K., Ghuman S. S., Singh, I. and Balhara A.K.Serum MX2 protein as candidate biomarker for early pregnancy diagnosis in buffaloReproduction in domestic animals51453-46020167.18 (NAAS)
Kumar, R., Buragohain, L., Gupta, M., Nanda, T, and Balhara, A.K.PCR-RFLP of Bubaline Leptin Receptor (Lepr) Gene to Establish Association with Postpartum AnestrusHaryana Veterinarian55185-8720163.25 (NAAS)
Buragohain, L., Nanda, T., Kumar, R., Gupta, S. S. and Balhara, A.K.MX2 gene expression and prediction of b-cell epitopes of its protein to detect early pregnancy in buffalo.Journal of Cell and Tissue Research1535141-515020154.38 (NAAS)
Gupta, S. S., Nanda, T., Buragohain, L., Kumar, R. and Balhara, A. K.OAS1 gene as potential biomarker to detect early pregnancy in buffalo. Journal of Cell and Tissue ResearchJournal of Cell and Tissue Research1535187-513920154.38 (NAAS)
Kumar, S., Balhara, A.K., Kumar, R., Kumar, N., Buragohain, L., Baro, D., Sharma, R.K., Phulia, S.K. and Singh, I.Hemato-biochemical and hormonal profiles in post-partum water buffaloes (Bubalus bubalis),Veterinary World84512-51720155.1 (NAAS)
Kumar, R., Buragohain, L., Gupta, M., Nanda, T., and Balhara, A.K.PCR-RFLP of Luteinizing Hormone Receptor Gene and Lack of its association with postpartum anestrus in Murrah buffaloes.Veterinary Practitioner162247-24920153.78 (NAAS)
Buragohain, L., Nanda, T., Ghosh, A., Ghosh, M., Kumar, R., Kumar, S., Gupta, S. S., Bharali, A., Mohanty, A. K., Singh, I. and Balhara A.K.Identification of serum protein markers for early diagnosis of pregnancy in buffaloAnimal Science Journal DOI: 10.1111/asj.1275420167.04 (NAAS)
Buragohain, L.Serum Proteomics in Early Pregnancy Diagnosis of Bovine: A ReviewJournal of Cell and Tissue Research1726135-613920174.38 (NAAS)


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