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Saikia, D. P., Kalita, D. J., Borah, P., Zaman, G. U., Dutta, R. and Saikia, B.Molecular fingerprinting of mitochondrial 12s rRNA and 16s rRNA genes of the indigenous pigs of AssamJournal of Cell and Tissue Research1424279- 42822014
Deep Prakash Saikia, Dhruba Jyoti Kalita, Probodh Borah, Satya Sarma, Nagendra Nath Barman and Rupam DuttaDifferentiation of Sheep and Goat Species by PCR- RFLP of Mitochondrial 16S rRNA gene Journal of Animal Research52213-2172015
R. Dutta, B. Das, S. Laskar, D.J. Kalita, P. Borah, G. Zaman and D.P. SaikiaPolymorphism and nucleotide sequencing of BMPR1B gene in prolific Assam hill goatMolecular biology report413677-36812014
B. Saikia, C.C. Barua, S. Hazarika, L.C. Lahon, D. Saikia, R.S. Borah and P.K. VermaRegulatory role of adrenergic neurotransmitters on the spontaneous muscular activity in the ruminant trematode Paramphistomum cervi (Paramphistomatidae)Journal of Helminthology883357-612013
R. Dutta; B. Das; S. Laskar; D.J. Kalita; P. Borah; G. Zaman and D.P. SaikiaPolymorphism, Sequencing and Phylogenetic Characterization of Growth Differentiation Factor 9 (GDF9) Gene in Assam Hill GoatAfrican Journal of Biotechnology12506894-69002013
Rajkhowa, D., Kalita, D. J., Borah, P., Hussain, I., Saikia, D.P. and Ferdoci, A.MDetection of species-specific genetic markers in goat, sheep and pig by molecular characterization of cytochrome b geneIndian Journal of Animal Sciences865110-002016
Kalita, D.J., Baruah, K. K., Goswami, R.N., Saikia, D. P. and Dutta, REvaluation of micromineral status and ovarian hormonal profile and their interrelation in normal cyclings and repeat breeding cowsIndian Journal of Animal Research496798-8012015
Deep Prakash Saikia, Dhruba Jyoti Kalita, Prabodh Borah, Satya Sarma, Rupam Dutta and Deekshita RajkhowaMolecular characterization of mitochondrial 16S rRNA gene of Cattle, Buffalo and Yak.Veterinarsky Arhiv866777-7852016
Isfaqul Hussain, P. Borah, R.K. Sharma, S. Rajkhowa, M. Rupnik, D.P. Saikia, D. Hasin, Iftikar Hussain, N.K. Deka, L.M. Barkalita, Y. Nishikawa, T. RamamurthyMolecular characteristics of Clostridium difficile isolates from human and animals in the North Eastern region of IndiaMolecular and Cellular Probes305306-3112016


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