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A. S. Dixit, N. S. SinghSeasonality in circadian locomotor activity and serum testosterone level in the subtropical tree sparrow (Passer montanus)Journal of Photochemistry and Photobiology15861-6820162.99
N. S. Singh, I. Bamon, A. S. Dixit, R. SougrakpamStructural variations and their adaptive significances in the bones of some migratory and resident birds.The Journal of Basic and Applied Zoology7033-402015
Ch. Dhananjoy, N. S. Singh, J. M. LaishramVariation in morphometric, heterochromatin and evolutionary relation in two subspecies of Mus musculus from Manipur, IndiaJOURNAL OF EXPERIMENTAL ZOOLOGY INDIA18121-282015
A. S. Dixit, N. S. SinghPhotoperiodic control of testicular growth, histomorphology and serum testosterone levels in the male tree sparrow: Involvement of circadian rhythmGeneral and Comparative Endocrinology 2085-1120142.96
A. S. Dixit, N. S. Singh, R. SougrakpamA comparative study on photoperiodic control of seasonal cycles in the females of migratory yellow breasted bunting and the resident tree sparrowPhotochemical & Photobiological Sciences - [ RSC ] Publishing131568-157920142.99
N. S. Singh, A. S. Dixit Participation of endogenous circadian rhythm in photoperiodic time measurement during ovarian responses of the subtropical tree sparrow, Passer montanusIndian Journal of Experimental Biology - niscair54496-50320141.2
N. S. Singh, A. S. DixitMorphology and ultrastructural studies of pineal organ of the tree sparrow (Passer montanus)Micron589-1420141.9
A. S. Dixit, N. S. SinghSeasonal variations in plasma levels of testosterone and estradiol 17 β and histomorphometric analyses of gonads in the wild and captive tree sparrowCanadian Journal of Zoology 91302-31220131.4
A. S. Dixit, N. S. SinghSeasonal variation in the sensitivity of the photoperiodic response system and the termination of photorefractoriness in the subtropical tree sparrow (Passer montanus)Journal of Experimental Zoology317A488-49820123.36
N. S. Singh, A. S. DixitInvolvement of endogenous circadian rhythm in photoperiodic ovarian response of subtropical tree sparrow, Passer montanusInternational Multilingual Research Journal (IMRJ)2266-722012
A. S. Dixit , N. S. SinghPhotoperiod as a proximate factor in control of seasonality in the subtropical male tree sparrow, passer montanus Front. Zool88-1220114.46
N. S. Singh, A. S. Dixit, R SougrakpamA report on the presence of three avian lice (Insecta: Phthiraptera) in different regions of North-East India.Journal of Bombay Natural History Society (JBNHS)108165-672011


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