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42. Thakur S, S Sur, D Bose, AK Goyal, T Mishra, R Rai, M Bhattacharya, AK Bothra & A Sen Molecular modeling of a pathogenesis related protein from Solanum tuberosumNBU Journal of Plant Sciences3115-202009
Goyal AK, K Ganguly, T Mishra & A Sen In vitro multiplication of Curcuma longa Linn.–an important medicinal zingiberNBU Journal of Plant Sciences4121-242010
Goyal AK, A Sen, S Sur & AK Bothra Exploration of codon usage patterns in some Brucella genomesInternational Journal of Pharma and Bio Sciences14B239-2522010
39. Goyal AK, SK Middha, U Talambedu, S Chatterjee, AK Bothra, MB Nagaveni & A SenBamboo-infoline- a database for North Bengal Bamboo’s. BioinformationBioinformation54184-1852010
Goyal AK, SK Middha & A SenEvaluation of DPPH radical scavenging activity, total phenols and antioxidant activities in Indian wild Bambusa vulgaris ‘Vittata’ methanolic leaf extractJournal of Natural Pharmaceuticals 1140-452010
Mishra T, AK Goyal, P Mondal & A SenFree radical scavenging activity of different ornamental and cultivars of Canna available in Eastern IndiaNBU Journal of Plant Sciences5141-452011
Goyal AK, SK Middha & A Sen In vitro antioxidative profiling of different fractions of Dendrocalamus strictus (Roxb.) Nees Leaf ExtractFree Radicals and Antioxidants1242-482011
Bhattacharjee B, U Talambedu, S Sadegh, AK Goyal, V Pande, MB Nagaveni, VM Patil, J Jayadev & SK MiddhaComputer aided screening of inhibitors to 5-α reductase type 2 for prostate cancerBioinformation67262-2652011
Goyal AK, BC Basistha, A Sen & SK MiddhaAntioxidant profiling of Hippophae salicifolia growing in sacred forests of Sikkim, IndiaFunctional Plant Biology389697-70120112.491
Mishra T, AK Goyal, SK Middha & A Sen Antioxidative properties of Canna edulis Ker Gawl.Indian Journal of Natural Products and Resources23315-3212011
Goyal AK, PK Ghosh, AK Dubey & A SenInventorying bamboo biodiversity of North Bengal: A case studyInternational Journal of Fundamental and Applied Sciences115-82012
Goyal AK, T Mishra & A SenAntioxidant profiling of Latkan (Baccaurea ramiflora) wineIndian Journal of Biotechnology12137-13920130.287
Middha SK, AK Goyal, F Syed, S Nethramurthy, BC Basistha and T UshaIn Silico based Combinatorial Pharmacophore Modeling and Docking Studies of GSK-3β and GK Inhibitors of HippophaeJournal of Biosciences384805-81420131.419
Goyal AK, T Mishra, M Bhattacharya, P Kar and A SenEvaluation of phytochemical constituents and antioxidant activity of some actinorhizal fruits growing in the forests of North-east IndiaJournal of Biosciences384797-80320131.419
Goyal AK, SK Middha & A Sen Bambusa vulgaris Schrad. ex J. C. Wendl. var. vittata Riviere & C. Riviere leaves attenuate oxidative stress- An in vitro biochemical assayIndian Journal of Natural Products and Resources44436-4402013
Goyal AK and BK BrahmaAntioxidant and nutraceutical potential of bamboo: an overviewInternational Journal of Fundamental and Applied Sciences312-102014
Goyal AK and A Sen Molecular phylogeny of North Bengal bamboos inferred through PCR-RFLP based on the trnL-trnF regionThe Experiment19113041315
Narzary D, BK Brahma and AK GoyalThe flower and inflorescence of wild plants used as vegetables by the Bodo and allied tribes of Kokrajhar district, Assam, IndiaAdvance Research in Pharmaceuticals and Biologicals41618-6212014
Brahma BK, A Basumatary, J Basumatary, D Narzary, N Mwshahary, S Jamatia, P Basumatary and AK GoyalInventorying bamboo diversity of Kokrajhar District, BTAD, Assam, India with emphasis on its uses by the Bodos tribesInternational Journal of Fundamental and Applied Sciences3330-342014
Usha T, SK Middha, AK Goyal, M Karthik, DA Manoj, F Syed, P Goyal, HP Prashanth and V PandeMolecular Docking studies of anti-cancerous candidates in Hippophae rhamnoides and Hippophae salicifoliaJournal of Biomedical Research285406-4152014
Kar P, AK Goyal, Das AP and A SenAntioxidant and pharmaceutical potential of Clerodendrum L.: an overviewInternational Journal of Green Pharmacy84210-2162014
Usha T, AK Goyal, S Lubana, HP Prashanth, T Madhan Mohan, V Pande and SK MiddhaIdentification of anti-cancerous targets of Eco-Friendly waste Punica granatum Peel by dual reverse virtual Screening and binding pose analysisAsian Pacific Journal of Cancer Prevention152310345-1035020142.514
Usha T, SK Middha, M Bhattacharya, P Lokesh and AK GoyalRosmarinic acid, a new polyphenol from Baccaurea ramiflora Lour. leaf: a probable compound for its anti-inflammatory activityAntioxidants34830-8422014
Dey SK, SK Middha, T Usha, BK Brahma and AK GoyalIn vitro antioxidant profiling of Bambusa tulda Roxb. aqueous methanolic leaf extract growing in the forests of Kokrajhar District, BTAD, Assam, IndiaInternational Journal of Fundamental and Applied Sciences4381-862015
Mishra T, AK Goyal, M Bhattacharya, P Kar and A SenPolyethylene Glycol Mediated Protoplast Fusion of Medicinally Important CannaResearch in Plant Biology5120-242015
Mishra T, AK Goyal and A SenAn overview on the in vitro regeneration of CannaInternational Journal of Fundamental and Applied Sciences4239-492015
Basumatary A, SK Middha, T Usha, BK Brahma and AK GoyalBamboos as potential sources of food security, economic prosperity and ecological security in North-east India: an overviewResearch in Plant Biology5217-232015
Mishra T, Goyal AK and A SenSomatic embryogenesis and genetic fidelity study of micropropagated medicinal species, Canna indicaHorticulturae113-132015
Narzary D, SK Middha, T Usha, BK Brahma and AK GoyalComparative evaluation of phytochemical constituents of rind, pulp, and seed of Hodgsonia heteroclita fruit encountered in Kokrajhar District, BTAD, Assam, IndiaWorld Journal of Pharmaceutical Research461629-16362015
Chakraborty S, BK Brahma and AK GoyalProximate Composition of Three Small Indigenous Fish Species Encountered in the Local Fish Market of Kokrajhar, BTAD, AssamIndian Journal of Applied Research510712-7142015
Goyal AK, S Pradhan, BC Basistha and A SenMicropropagation and assessment of genetic fidelity of Dendrocalamus strictus (Roxb.) Nees using RAPD and ISSR markers3 Biotech5473-48220150.999
Middha SK, AK Goyal, HP Prashanth, V Yardi, L Mojamdar, D Babu and T Usha Toxicological Evaluation of Emblica officinalis fruit extract and its antiinflammatory and Free Radical Scavenging PropertiesPharmacognosy Magazine11427-43320150.831
Goyal AK and A Sen Phylogenetic relationships among 29 accessions of bamboos encountered in North Bengal, India based on RAPD and ISSR markersIndian Journal of Biotechnology144495-50320150.287
Chakraborty S, AK Goyal and BK BrahmaIchthyofaunal diversity of various water bodies of Kokrajhar district, BTAD, AssamInternational Journal of Fundamental and Applied Sciences519-152016
Goyal AK, SK Middha, T Usha and A SenAmeliorating reactive oxygen species-induced in vitro lipid peroxidation in liver, carbohydrate and DNA damage by Dendrocalamus hamiltonii different leaf extractsChiang Mai Journal of Science431131-114220160.42
Saha MR, P Dey, TK Chaudhuri, AK Goyal, DD Sarker and A SenAssessment of haemolytic, cytotoxic and free radical scavenging activity of an underutilized fruit, Baccaurea sapida (Roxb.) Muell. Arg. JuiceIndian Journal of Experimental Biology542115-12520161.165
Goyal AK and A SenIn vitro regeneration of bamboos, the “Green Gold”: An overviewIndian Journal of Biotechnology1519-1620160.287
Middha SK, AK Goyal, A Bhardwaj, K Raj, P Lokesh, HP Prashanth and T UshaIn silico exploration of cyclooxygenase inhibitory activity of natural compounds found in Myrica nagi using LC-MSSymbiosis701169-17820161.284
Middha SK, T Usha, D Babu, AK Misra, P Lokesh and AK GoyalEvaluation of antioxidative, analgesic and anti-inflammatory activities of methanolic extract of Myrica nagi leaves - an animal model approachSymbiosis701179-18420161.284


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978-8184872644Biology of useful plants and microbesIn vitro regeneration of some lesser known medicinal Zingibers: a review2013Bhattacharya M & T Mishra Narosa publication house New Delhi
978-8184872644Biology of useful plants and microbesAdvancement of bamboo taxonomy in the era of molecular biology: a review2013P Kar & A SenNarosa publication house, New Delhi
978-3-659-28095-5Plant DNA Barcoding and PhylogeneticsMaturase K gene in plant DNA barcoding and phylogenetics2015P Kar & A SenLambert Academic Publishing, Germany


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