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Ganesh Kumar B, Jeyakumar S, Rai, RB, Singh RV, George Z, Roy KEconomics of Cow Milk Production – A Micro level Evidence in Andaman and Nicobar Islands.Indian J. Dairy Sc5961-62006
Jeyakumar, Ganesh Kumar B, Roy K, Sunder J, Kundu AIncidence of parasitic infection in livestock and poultry in Andaman.Indian Vet. J861178-11792009
Chand S, Srivastava RC, Ganesh Kumar B, Jeyakumar S, George Z, Roy KMarketed Surplus and Price Spread of milk in Bay Islands- Micro-level Analysis.Indian J. Agril. Econ643399-4002009
Jeyakumar S, Srivastava RC, Roy K, Arun Kumar S, Sarmah PC, Kundu A, Damodaran T, Ravishankar N, Balakrishnan M, Ahmed SKZ, Swapna TP, George Z. Prevalence of Eye Worm Oxyspirura mansoni (Cobbold, 1879) infection of domestic fowl in Andaman IslandsJ. Vet. Parasitol252171-1722011
Jeyakumar S, George Z, Roy K, Kundu AAn unusual case of buffalo with only two functional teats in Andaman Islands. Buffalo Bull302105-1062011
Roy K, Bhattacharya K, Sarmah PCPrevalence of endoparasites in pigeonsJ. Vet. Parasitol25194-952011
Jeyakumar S, Kundu A, Roy K, Sunder J, Sujatha T, Kundu MS, Verma SK, Chand S, Balakrishnan M, Srivastava RCTransvaginal ultrasonography for diagnosis of ovarian abscess in a cowIndian Vet. J8810111-1132011
Jeyakumar S, Sunder J, Roy K, Sujatha T, Kundu A, Pazhanivel N, Balachandran COvarian adenocarcinoma in a turkey Hen (Meleagris gallopavo)Indian Vet. J889142-1432011
Jeyakumar S, Kundu MS, Roy K, Kundu A, Sunder J, Verma SK, Srivastava RC.Ultrasonographic characterization of Back Fat Thickness in PigsIndian Vet. J. 8910138-1402012
Jeyakumar S, Kundu A, Sujatha T, Sunder J, Roy K, Kundu MS, Verma SK, Chand, S, Balakrishnan M, Srivastava RCEffect of calcium supplementation (calsagar) on lactation performances of cowsIndian J. Dairy Sci64176-782011
Roy K ,Jeyakumar SManagement of post partum anoestrum in crossbred cows.Indian Vet. J. 8912108-1092012
Jeyakumar S, De AK, Kundu A, Roy K, Sunder J, Kundu MS, Verma SK, Balakrishnan M, Chand S, Ahmed SKZ , Srivastava RCSonographic characteristics of goat testis on water-bath based ultrasonographyLivestock Sci.
Roy K, Jeyakumar S, Ahmed SKZA constraint based technological approach to enhance dairy production in Andaman IslandsIndian J. Dairy Sci662177-1822012
Jeyakumar, Kundu A, Roy K, Sujatha T, Sunder JTranscutaneous ultrasonography: a new method to study characteristics of ovarian follicles in duckAsian J. Anim. Res1227-282013


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