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Khedgikar V, Kushwaha P, Gautam J, Verma A, Changkija B, Kumar A, Sharma S, Nagar GK, Singh D, Trivedi PK, Sangwan NS, Mishra PR and Trivedi R Withaferin A: a proteasomal inhibitor promotes healing after injury and exerts anabolic effect on osteoporotic bone.Cell Death and Disease 2013
Parihar S, Gupta A, Chaturvedi AK, Sachana NK, Luqman S, Changkija B, Manohar M, Prakash O, Chanda D, Khan F, Chanotiya CS, Shanker K, Dwivedi A, Konwar R and Negi AS Synthesis of combretastatin A4 analogues on steroidal framework and their anti-breast cancer activityJ Steroid Biochem Mol Biol 1372013
Kumar A, Gupta GK, Khedgikar V, Gautam J, Kushwaha P, Changkija B, Nagar GK, Gupta V, Verma A, Dwivedi AK, Chattopadhyay N, Mishra PR, Trivedi R In vivo efficacy studies of layer-by-layer nano-matrix bearing kaempferol for the conditions of osteoporosis: a study in ovariectomized rat modelEur J Pharm Biopharm82508-172012
Srivastava K, Tyagi AM, Khan K, Dixit M, Lahiri S, Kumar A, Changkija B, Khana MP, Nagar GK, Yadav DK, Maurya R, Singh SP, Jain GK, Wahajuddin, Trivedi R, Chattopadhyaya N and Singh DIsoformononetin, a methoxydaidzein present in medicinal plants, reverses bone loss in osteopenic rats and exerts bone anabolic action by preventing osteoblast apoptosis. Phytomedicine20470-802013
Tyagi AM, Srivastava K, Singh AK, Kumar A, Changkija B, Pandey R, Lahiri S, Nagar GK, Yadav DK, Maurya R, Trivedi R and Singh D Formononetin reverses established osteopenia in adult ovariectomized ratsMenopause 19856-8632012
Parihar S, Gupta A, Chaturvedi AK, Agarwal J, Luqman S, Changkija B, Manohar M, Chanda D, Chanotiya CS, Shanker K, Dwivedi A, Konwar R and Negi AS Gallic acid based steroidal phenstatin analogues for selective targeting of breast cancer cells through inhibiting tubulin polymerizationSteroids77878-8862012
Hamidullah, Changkija B and Konwar R Role of interleukin-10 in breast cancerBreast Cancer res. Treat13311-212011
Das G, Changkija B, Sarkar S and Das P Genotyping of Cryptosporidium parvum isolates in bovine population in Kolkata and characterization of new bovine genotypesRes. Vet. Sc91246-2502011
Adaramoye OA, Sarkar J, Singh N, Meena S, Changkija B, Yadav PP, Kanojiya S and Sinha S Antiproliferative action of Xylopia aethiopica fruit extract on human cervical cancer cells. Phytother. Res251558-15632011
Kumar A, Singh AK, Gautam AK, Srivastava D, Singh D, Changkija B, Singh MP, Trivedi R Identification of Kaempferol-regulated proteins in rat calvaria osteoblasts during mineralization by proteomics Proteomics 101730-17392010
Chaudhuri S., Changkija B and Varshney JP Cerebral Babesiosis in dogs- a reportIndian Journal of Veterinary Medicine 2960-612009
Chaudhuri S., Changkija B and Varshney JP Concurrent infection of Trypanosoma evansi and Dirofilaria immitis in a non-descript bitchJournal of Veterinary Parasitology 23167-1692009
Changkija B., Varshney J.P. and Chaudhuri SSalbutamol toxicity in a Labrador pupIndian Veterinary Journal 85662-6632008
Varshney J.P., Changkija B. and Chaudhuri SSecondary hypothyroidism in a Labrador bitchIntas Polivet 8405-4062006
Changkija B, Varshney JP and Chaudhuri S Canine nasal aspergillosis and its management with ketoconazole. Indian Journal of Veterinary Medicine 2868-702008
Changkija B and Varshney JP Babesiosis in a domestic kitten–a clinical reportJournal of Veterinary Parasitology20103-1042006
Changkija B, Chaudhuri S and Varshney JPHead tilt associated with Ehrlichiosis in a Dachschund bitchThe Journal of Remount and Veterinary Corps 45105-1092006
Changkija B, Varshney JP and Gopinathan A Myocardial Infarction in a Pomeranian Pup – A Case ReporIndian Journal of Veterinary Medicine 26158-1592006


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