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Lahon L C, Khanikor, H N, Ahmed N, and Gogoi A R Preliminary Pharmacological and anticestodal screening of Cucurbita maxima.Indian J Pharmacol105315-3171978
Lahon L CImportance of research in Indigenous medicineVetcolXVIII75-761978
Lahon L C, Khanikor H N, and Ahmed N Preliminary study of local anaesthetic action of Euphorbia nerifolia LinnIndian J Pharmacol113239-2401979
Das P N, Lahon L C, Khanikor H N, Ahmed N, and Roy R KPreliminary therapeutic trial of Mesua ferrea Linn.(Nahor seed)Vetcol1985
Roy R K, Khanikor H N, Lahon L C, and Das P N Acute toxicity of Nahor seed in miceJ. of Assam Sci. Soc2411985
Vijjan V K, Tandon K L, | Tandan S K, Lahon L C, Gupta P KInfluence of anthelmintics on barbiturate sleeping time and hepatic microsomal constituents in miceJ. Environ. Biol6277-841985
Lahon L C Fungal toxins contaminated feed and poultry deathThe Assam Veterinarin4210-121989
Lahon L C A rapid and rational approach to diagnosis in emergency toxicologyVetcolXXVI47-501989
Lahon L C, and Gupta P K Pharmacokinetic of Parbendazole in goatsIndian J Pharmacol26235-2361991
Lahon L C, and Kalita N Clinical efficacy trial of few anticoccidial drugs in naturally occurring coccidiosis in chicks.Poultry Guide727-281991
Deka D K, and Lahon L C Analgesic and anti-inflammatory effects of Cissus quadrangularis Linn. A preliminary study Ind. Vet. J70779-7801993
Deka D K, Lahon L C, Saikia J, and Mukit A ): Effect of Cissus quadrangularis in accelerating healing process of experimentally fractured radius-ulna of dog, a preliminary studyIndian J Pharmacol2644-451994
Lahon L C Importance of antihistaminics in veterinary practiceJA.V.C415-171994
Lahon L C, and Gupta P K Pharmacokinetics of oxibendazole in goatsIndian Vet. J72926-9281995
Sharma J, Khanikor H N, and Lahon L C Analgesic, local anaesthetic, anti-inflammatory, anti-convulsant effect of Vinca rosea Linn.Indian Vet. J738829-8321996
Sharma J, Ahmed N, and Lahon L C Effect of Vinca rosea Linn on pentobarbitone induced sleeping time in miceIndian J. Toxicol7145-472000
Gogoi T, Khanikor H N, Lahon L C Pharmacokinetics of Furazolidone in local goats of AssamIndian Vet. Med. J2524-252001
Baruah C C, Pal S K, Baruah AG, Roy J D, Buragohain B, Bora R S and Lahon L C “Analgesic activity of methanolic extract of Drymaria cordata Willd Cayophyllaceae” Phamacologyonline2470-4762009
Barua C C, Talukdar A, Begum S A, Lahon L C, Sharma D K, Pathak D C, Borah P Antinociceptive activity of methanolic extract of leaves of Achyranthes aspera Linn.(Amaranthaceae) in animal models of nociceptionInd J Exp. Biol48817-8212010
Barua C C, B Buragohain, Roy J D, Talukdar A, P Borah, and Lahon L C Evaluation of analgesic activity of hydroethanol extract of Plantago erosa Ex RoxbPharmacologyonline 286-952011


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