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Author Names Topic Journal Name Volume Number Issue Number Page Number Year Published Impact Factor
Sarma J, Khanikor HN and Lahon LC. AnalgesicLocal Anaesthetic, Anti-inflammatory and Anticonvulsant effect of Vinca rosea LinnIndian Vet. J73829-8321996
Sarma J and Khanikor HNEffect of Vinca rosea Linn on Blood Glucose concentration of experimentally induced hyperglycemia in dogs – A preliminary study J. Vety. Physiol & Allied Sci15134-361996
Sarma J, Nath NC and Khanikor HNContractile activity of Vinca rosea extract on isolated rectus abdominis of frogInter. J. Anim. Sci15181-822000
Sarma J, Tandon SK,Hajare SW, Kumar D and Raviprakash VCentral Nitrinergic System in Brewer’s Yeast induced Peripheral Inflammation in Rats Indian J. of Pharmacology32226-2302000
Hajare SW, Suresh Chandra, Tandon SK, Sarma, J, Telang AGAnalgesic and Antipyretic Activities of Dalbergia sissoo leavesIndian J. of Pharmacology32357-3602000
Sarma J, Ahmed N and Lahon LCEffect of Vinca rosea Linn on Pentobarbitone induced sleeping time in miceIndian J. Toxicol7145-472000
Sarma, J and Khanikor HNEffect of Vinca rosea Linn on Blood pressure and Respiration Indian Vet. Med. Jour242000
Sarma J, Tandon SK, Hajare SW, Kumar D and Raviprakash VEffect of centrally administered nitric oxide modulators in Brewer’s Yeast induced nociception in RatsIndian Journal of Experimental Biology381124-11282000
S.W. Hajare, S. Chandra, J. Sarma, S.K. Tandon, J. Lal and A.G. Telang“ Anti- inflammatory activity of Dalbergia sissoo leaves”Fitoterpia72131-1392001
Hazarika DK, Thakuria D, Bordoloi PK, Sarma J, . Deka PC, Shyam, NN Sharma K and Choudhary JKProspect of Patchouli cultivation for perfume industries in AssamNadFi.
Sarma J, Bordoloi PK, Saharia PK,Thakuria D, R. Das R, K. Sharma K, N.N. Shyam NN , D.K. Hazarika DK, P.C. Deka PC and J.K. Choudhary JK Rural economic upliftment by increasing milk production in local cows through TAR-IVLP in Boithabhanga village of Sonitpur District of Assam.The National Seminar on Rural Transformation with Special Reference to North East Region1-52004
Sarma J, Ray MN and Saharia KKKnowledge Level of the Dairy Farmers in Kamrup District of AssamIndian Journal of Hill farming 23215-182010
Sarma J, and Payeng SWomen Dairy Farmers and Decision Making Pattern in Sonitpur District of AssamIndian Journal of Hill farming 25158-622012
Sarma JConstraints of Dairy Farmers of Rajgarh and Berajan Villages of Sonitpur District of Assam Asian Academic Research Journal of multidisciplinary 18288-2912013
Ray, M.N., Saharia, K.K., Sarma, J. and Brahma, DSolutions to the Constraints Perceived by the Veterinary Assistant Surgeons and Dairy Farmers in AssamIndian Journal of Social Research545455-4642013
Sarma J, Tandon SK, Khargharia S and Baruah HEffect of centrally administered Nitric Oxide modulators in Carrageenin- induced nociception in ratsInternational J of Agric sci and Research59-662017


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Transgenesis in Drug Development and Present Scenario in Veterinary Pharmacovigilance.2016ISVPT – 2014, CVSc, Khanapara, Guwahati – 22.


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