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Ray, M.N.; Saharia, K.K. and Haque, ASocio-personal, economic profiles of the dairy farmers in the kamrup district of AssamRural India6761-642004
Haque, A. Laskar, S.K.; Bordoloi, J.P. and Saikia, SEffect of early weaning on the growth performance in New Zealand White rabbitsIndian Vet. J811248-502004
Bordoloi, J.P.; Laskar, S.K.; Haque, A. and Bora, N.NSocio-economic characteristics of dairy households of Guwahati in AssamIndian Vet. J82427-292005
Ray, M.N.; Saharia, K.K. and Haque, ASocio-personal, economic and psychological traits of Veterinary Assistant Surgeons in AssamIndian Vet. J82434-352005
Bordoloi, J.P. and Haque, AGrowth performance and feed consumption patterns of pigeons reared in different housing system and feeding regimes Indian J. of Poult. Sci199-2012005
Talukdar, J.C.; Baruah, D.K.; Haque, A. and Saikia, J.KRelationship of body measurement and weight in crossbred (Beetal x Assam local) KidsIndian Vet. Med. J29136-382005
Haque, A.; Rahman, S.M.; Bordoloi, J.P.; Baruah, D.K. and Saikia, J.KPreservation of milk samples by using formaldehyde and hydrogen peroxideIndian Vet. Med. J29151-542005
Bordoloi, J.P.; Haque, A. and Baruah, D.KPerformance of Crossbred dairy cows in different categories of households in GuwahatiTamilnadu J. of Vet. & Anim. Sci148-502006
Haque. A.; Das, A. and Bordoloi, J.PEffect of early weaning on the growth performance of Soviet Chinchilla rabbits under two feeding regimes. Indian J. Anim. Res40135-382006
Haque, AReport on Milk Producers’ Survey, A comprehensive study of the dairy sector of Assam.World Bank Sponsored Project under LIRI, Nairobi.2007
Haque, AConservation of native grassland for economic livestock production. Abst.UGC sponsored National Conference on “Biodiversity conservation and sustainable economic development in the north eastern region of India: Integrating natural and social sciences for sustainability392009
Kayastha, R. B.; Zaman, G.; Goswami, R. N.; Haque, APhysical and morphometric characterization of indigenous cattle of AssamOpen Veterinary Journal17-92011
Ronibala, L; Mili, D.C.; Haque, A.; Saikia, A.K. and Gogoi, A.KEffect of starter ration on growth performation of crossbred calfIndian J. Anim. Prod. Mgmt293-482-862013
Baruah, Sabitri.; Saharia, K.K..; Ray, M.N.; Haque, A.; Baruah, P.M. and Bora, Leema.Mass Media Credibility in Livestock FarmersJCSXXXII2014
Kalita, M.; Sarma, T.R. and Haque, ASupport and Facilities Provided by Assam Agricultural Competitiveness Project to The Dairy Cooperative SocietiesIndian J. Anim. Prod. Mgmt301-2130-1322014
Bhattacharjya, Rupam; Haque, A; Mili, D.C.; Bora, J.R. and Ferdoci, A.MEffect of Stocking Density on the Performance of Soviet Chinchilla Rabbit.. IOSR Journal of Agriculture and Veterinary Science 82101-1022015
Rahman, M.; Haque, A.; and Bora, J.REffect of Painted Roof on Physiology and Certain Blood Constituent of Calves Reared During SummerAsian Academic Research Journal of Multidisciplinary (AARJMD) 1312015


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