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Baruah, D.K. and Sarker A.BProfitability in milk production in Operation Flood areas of AssamIndian Journal of Animal Sciences67154-561997
Baruah, D.K. and Sarker A.BMilk marketing and pricing in Kamrup district of AssamIndian Vet. J771101-11022000
Baruah, D.K., Saikia, S, Bora, N.N. and Sarker A.BGrowth performance of Assam Local and Crossbred kids under different feeding regimes.Indian J. Anim. Prod. Mgm.t 4298-991988
Baruah, D.K., Sarker A.B. and Bora, N.NA study of economics of milk production in AssamIndian Journal of Dairy Science49117-231996
Baruah, D.K., Sarker A.B. and Bora, N.NPerformance of Jersey grade cows in Operation Flood areas of AssamIndian Vet.J74947-9501997
Bordoloi, J.P.; Haque, A. and Baruah, D.KPerformance of Crossbred dairy cows in different categories of households in GuwahatiTamilnadu J. of Vet. & Anim. Sci148-502006
Singh, C. N., Saikia, S. and Baruah, D. KEffect of method of castration on carcass characteristics of male kidsJ. Assam Vet. Council631-331996
Singh, T., Thomas, S. and Baruah, D. KImpact of free living macaques (Macaca mulatta) on the health of captive animals at the Assam State ZooZoos’ PrintXXI511-122006


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