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Bordoloi JP, Baruah KK and Bora NNStudy on the meat characteristics of pigeon at different stages of growth. Abstract Presented at National Symposium on hygienic meat production and technology progress and problems of today’s IndiaOrganized by Department of Food Hygiene and Veterinary Public Health, Bombay Veterinary College, Parel, Bombay-12, 3-5 June 1986123-51986
Bordoloi JP, Barua KK, Bora NN and Barua KKCarcass yield of pigeon reared under different feeding and housing systems.Poult. GuideXXVI675-791989
Bordoloi JP and Baruah KKEffect of dietary protein level and age on the composition of pigeion meatInd. J. Poult. Sci254298-9001990
Bordoloi JP and Bora NNEconomic characteristics of crossbred cows on different sizes of dairy units in Guwahati milkshed areasInd. Vet. J74181-1821997
Saharia J. Saikia S and Bordoloi JPInfluence of housing on coliform count of cow’s milk in different seasonsInd. Vet. J74425-4251997
Bodoloi JP, Bora NN and Saharia JMilk production under different categories of farms-An economic analysisInd. Vet. J76621-624
Haque, A. Laskar, S.K.; Bordoloi, J.P. and Saikia, SEffect of early weaning on the growth performance in New Zealand White rabbitsIndian Vet. J811248-12502004
Bordoloi, J.P. and Haque, AGrowth performance and feed consumption patterns of pigeons reared in different housing system and feeding regimesIndian J. of Poult. Sci199-2012005
Bordoloi, J.P.; Laskar, S.K.; Haque, A. and Bora, N.NSocio-economic characteristics of dairy households of Guwahati in AssamIndian Vet. J82427-4292005
Roychoudhury R, Goswami RN, Bordoloi JP, Deka D and Laskar SLitter performance of indigenous pigs of Assam under field conditionInd. Vet. Med. J133-1352005
Haque, A.; Rahman, S.M.; Bordoloi, J.P.; Baruah, D.K. and Saikia, J.KPreservation of milk samples by using formaldehyde and hydrogen peroxideIndian Vet. Med. J29151-1542005
Haque. A.; Das, A. and Bordoloi, J.PEffect of early weaning on the growth performance of Soviet Chinchilla rabbits under two feeding regimesIndian J. Anim. Res40135-1382006


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