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M. Bhuyan, B.C. Deka, B.C. Sarmah, P. Chakravarty and B.K.D. Borah‘Effect of three concentrations of progesterone in the vaginal sponge for oestrussynchronization in Yak’Indian Journal of Animal Sciences825484-4852012
M. Bhuyan, ; B.C. Deka. ; B.C. Sarmah. ; P. Chakravarty. and K.Ahmed ‘Signs of oestrus after synchronization of oestrus in yak using progesterone impregnated vaginal sponge’Indian Journal of Animal Sciences83142-432013
M. Bhuyan, B.C. Deka, B.C. Sarmah, P. Chakravarty, J. Goswami and M.H. Khan ‘Duration of oestrus, time of ovulation and progesterone profile in oestrus synchronized yak cows’Indian Journal of Animal Sciences833254-2572013
B.K.D. Borah, S. Deori, M. Bhuyan, B. C. Deka, P. Chakravarty and M. K. Nath Comparative study on conception rate in Indian yak (PoephagusgrunniensL.) under farm conditionIndian Journal of Animal Sciences835531-5322013
A. Chakraborty, A.Bora, B.C. Sarmah, A.Saleque, R.Bhuyan, J.Goswami, R.S.Borah and M. Bhuyan Estrus synchronization response and conception rate following IVS and fixed time insemination in GoatIndian J.Anim.Prod.Mgmt301-2112-1152014
A. Deka, G. Baishya, K. Sarma and M. Bhuyan Comparative anatomical study on infundibulum of Patiand Chara-Chemballi ducks (Anasplatyrhynchosdomesticus) during laying periodsVeterinary World74271-2742014
Manjyoti Bhuyan,;Utpal Barman,;Chiranjeevi Acharya and Bhaben Chandra Baishya Clinical management of Mastitis-Metritis-Agalactia syndrome in a sowInternational Journal of Recent Scientific Research65143-51442015
P.J.Nath.;P.M.Baruah.;K.K.Sarma.; B.Dutta.; J.Kachari.;M.Bhuyan & D.KalitaBulldog calf in a crossbred jersey cowNorth-east Veterinarian15315-162015
Bhuyan,M.; Nath,K.C.;Deka,B.C.; Bhuyan,D.and Goswami,SEfficacy of E.Coli LPS and oyster glycogen in terms of recovery and consequent conception rate in the treatment of metritis in cowsInternational Journal of Recent Scientific Research65086-50882015
P.Devi, S.Goswami, B.C.Baishya, D.Bhuyan, M.Bhuyan and D.Kalita Feline scabies (Notoedric mange) from AssamIndia. North-east Veterinarian16230-312016
Talukdar, M.; Deka,A.; Pachoni,A.;Sarma,K.;Islam,S.& Bhuyan, MGross anatomical studies on Femur of Hoary-Bellied Himalayan Squirrel (Callosciurus pygerythrus)Theriogenology insight6279-822016
M.Bhuyan,; K.C.Nath,;B.C.Deka,;D.Bhuyan,;S.Goswami & R.K.SarmaComparative haematological and biochemical study on normal and metritic cowsInternational Journal of Chemical Studies5377-792017
Nilotpal Das,Manjyoti Bhuyan and Anil Deka Treatment of Anovular oestrus in a crossbred cowInternational Journal of Chemical Studies52541-5422017
Mahanta,N.; Acharya,C.; Bhuyan,M.; Das,Arup,; Das,A.; Das,N. Haque,A. & Bhuyan,DDystocia due to hydrocephalous fetus and its management in a cowInternational Journal of Chemical Studies53323-3242017
Arup Das,;D.Kalita,;Ainul Hoque,; P.J. Nath and M.Bhuyan Acute Ileo-colic Intussusception in a pup with parvoviral infection International Journal of Chemical Studies53442-4432017
Syed Abdul Arif, Nilotpal Das, Sushanta Goswami, Manjyoti Bhuyan, Gauranga Mahato, Mamta Pathak and Abhijit Das Clinico-pathological study on metastatic form of canine transmissible venereal tumour (TVT) and its therapeutic managementInternational Journal of Chemical Studies53593-5952017


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