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Phukan, A., Das, B C and Sarma, DKParaquat poisoning in a bitchInd. J. Vet1211992
Sarma, DKHydroallantois in crossbred cowsThe North East Veterinarian 1312-132001
Sarma, DK and Sarma, KK Studies on dosage level and treatment schedule of canine demodicosis with IvermectinIndian Vet J792173-1742002
Sarma, DK. and Sarma, K K Levamisole toxicity and its successful treatmentIndian vet. j794381-3822002
Sarma, K ., Talukdar, S., Sarma, DK and Singh, AClinical efficacy of Fenbendazole against round worm infestations in cattleThe North East Veterinarian24262003
Sarma, KK, Sarma, M. and Sarma, DKSafety of repeated Xylazine hydrochloride administration in elephantsIndian Vet. J814886-8892004
Sarma, D. K. and Bhuyan, DKiltix neck collar in preventing flea bite allergyThe North East Veterinarian5292005
Sarma, D. K., Baishya, N., Sharma, D. K., Deka, B. C. and Bhuyan DAntisperm antibodies in serum and cervical mucus of normal and repeat breeding cowsIndian J. Anim. Reprod30154-562009
Nath, A.J., Barman, NN, Das, SK and Sarma, DKLeptospirosis in dogs in AssamAnimal Science Reporter4275-782010
Sarma, DK, Bhuyan, D., Phangsu, CV and BaishyaBC.Effcacyof Oxytetracycline and Doxycycline in the treatment of Canine EhrlichiosisIntas Polivet11177-792010
Azad, CS, Singh, MP Balraj Singh, Sinha ,MP And Sarma DKEffect of CoCu medica, Hit Rit and Placentrex on serum biochemical profile of anestrus cowsIndian J. Anim. Reprod31173-742010
Sarma D.K., Balraj Singh, Singh M.P. Tiwary B.K. and Sinha M.PEfficacy of Immunomodulators for treatment of endometritis in Cows.Indian J. Anim. Reprod31259-612010
Sarma, D.K., Goswami, S., Talukder,S.K. and Kalita, DUrinary Bladder Worm in a Dog and its Successful treatmentIntas Polivet1211072011
Sarma DK, Balraj Singh, Singh MP, Tiwary BK and Sinha MPTherapeutic use of Immunomodulators in Endometritic cows and their effect on WBC and RBC indicesPolivet13126-282012
Sarma Manav, Sarma, KK, Sarma D K, Sarma, M., and KynjingS. A clinical study of bovine laminitis with reference to its incidence, Haemato- biochemical alteration and managementIntas Polivet132198-2032012
Sarma,KK, Thomas, S., Gogoi, D., Sarma, M. And Sarma DKFoot diseases in captive elephantIntas Polivet132221-2272012
Sarma DK and Sarma ManavTherapeutic management of toxic puerperal gangrenous metritis in a cowIntas Polivet14118-192013
Sarma, DK, Nath, KC and Bhuyan, DTherapeutic management of luteal insufficiency in repeat breeder cows Intas Polivet14134-362013
Siddhartha Narayan Joardar, Biswajit Barkataki, Arkendu Halder, Chandan Lodh, and Dipak SarmaSeroprevalence of Bluetongue in North Eastern Indian State- AssamVeterinary World64196-1992013
Deori. S., Bhuyan D., Kalita D. and Sarma, DK Management of foetal maceration in a doe carrying twin Indian J. Anim. Reprod332109-1102012
Sarma, DK, Ahmed, K. And Barua P MSternophagus conjoined twin monster in crossbred jersey cowIndian. J. of Anim. Reprod3412013
Sarma DK, Balraj Singh, Singh MP, Tiwary BK and Sinha MPEffect of Intrauterine Immunotherapy on Cellular Dynamics, Recovery and Conception rate in Endometritic CowsIndian J. Anim. Reprod.34217-202013
Sarma, DK, Goswami, S., Kakati, P., Das, P. and Kalita, MSuccessful treatment of hepatozoonosis in a dog.The North East VeterinarianXIV22014
Barman, D., Baishya, BC, Sarma, D., Phukan, A. and Dutta,TC A case report of canine ehrlichia infection in a Labrador dog and its therapeutic management. Bangladesh J. Vet. Med122237-2392014
Bhattacharjee K.,Sarma, P.C. Sarma, DK. Laha, R. and Kakati, PAcute to chronic (Cryptic) babesiosis in a dog and its therapeutic managementInt. J. of Recent Scientific Res622766-27672015
Bhattacharjee K.,Sarma, P.C. Sarma, DK Kakati, P. Pathak, DC and Laha, RSequential babesiosis and ehrlichiosis in a dog with canine distemper: A retrospective analysisInt. .J. of Current Res7314052-562015
Barua, PM, Kalita, D., Sarma, DK, Kalita, M., Das, P. and Lahkar, DPolymelia in a crossbred Jersey cow (Bos Taurus): A case reportDouble Helix Research Int. J. of Med. Science5396-982014
Sarma DK, Barua P M, Ahmed, K., Saikia G., Kakati, P. and Saikia,SSequential toxic metritis, mastitis, babesiosis and theileriosis in a postpartum jersey (Bos Taurus) cow and its successful treatmentInt. J. of Current Res7617153-552015
Barua PM, Kalita D., Goswami S., Ahmed K. and Sarma D KPygomelia ( polymelia in a fowl- a case reportNorth East VeterinarianXV125-262015
Sarma DK, Ahmed, K., Barua P. M.and Goswami, GTherapeutic efficacy of antibiotics for bovine endometritis and its impact on milk production Int. J. of Current Res7718633-186342015
Sarma DK., Boro PK, Borthakur B., Sharma M., Das Papyia and Kakati PTherapeutic management of two forms of actinomycosis in two different cattle.Int. J. of Current Res7920712-207132015
K.C. Deka, P.M. Barua, K. Ahmed, M. Dutta Chaoudhury and D. SarmaSchistosomus reflexus in a Holstein Frisian Newborn (Bos Taurus) calf: A case ReportDHR Int. J. of Med. Sciences (DHR-IJMS)622015
Kakati,P, Sarma, PC, Ray, D, Bhattacharjee, K, Sharma, RK, Barkalita,LM, Sarma,DK, Baishya, BC, Borah, P and Stanley, BEmergence of oriental theileriosis in cattle and its transmission through Rhipicephalus (Boophilus) microplus in AssamIndia.Veterinary World1099-11042015
Sarma D K, Boro, P K Hussain, P., Gogoi,P. and Sharma, MEfficacy of Musa balbisiana in Hepato-Biliary Dysfunction Affected with Lantana camara Poisoning in CattleInt. J Vet. Sci44231-2332015
Sharma,M., SarmaK. K., Sarma,A.K., Sarma,D.K. and Munmun SarmaA Discriminant Analysis of Blood Parameters in Bovine Laminitis.Int. J. Vet. Sci44166-1702015
Chettri, S.,Ahmed, K., Bora, DP, Dutta, LJ,Bora, M.and Sarma DKReproductive status in Bovine Herpes Virus 1 (BHV-1) sero-positive dairy cattleIndian J. Anim. Reprod3653-562015
Islam, K., Dutta, TC, Phukan, A., Sarma, DK, Das, B C, Dutta, DJ and Mili, DCStudies on the levels of certain minerals in soil, fodder and serum of serum of dairy animals”Int. J. of Current Res81025379-253802016
Sarma, D.K., Borkalita, L.M. and Borkotoki, BEvaluating Current Trend in Drug Sensitivity in Bovine MastitisIntas Polivet162256-2572016
Chettri, S., Ahmed, K. Sarma DK and Bhattacharyya, BN Evaluating Seroprevalence of Brucellosis in Dairy CattleIntas Polivet162204-2062016
Barua, PM and Sarma, DInfertility problems in dairy crossbred cattle (Bos taurus) A survey reportThe Norh East VeterinarianXV417-182016
Deka, KC, Barua, PM,. Ahmed, K., Dutta Chaoudhury, M. and Sarma, D K Therapeutic management of pre-partum vaginal prolapsed in a jersey crossbred cow(Bos taurus).Asian J. of Sci. and Technology0742718-27192016


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