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Dutta M, Boruah SN, Sarma BC and Baishya NComparative study of certain micro-minerals in the serum of normal and repeat breeding crossbred cowsThe Indian. Vet. J798794-7962004
Dutta M, Boruah SN, Sarma BC, Baishya N and Choudhury HStudies on certain minerals of oestrual cervico-vaginal mucus in normal and repeat breeding crossbred cowsThe Indian. Vet. J81534-5362004
Rajkhowa S, Choudhury H, Bujarbaruah KM and Dutta MPrevalence of gastrointestinal nematodes in indigenous pigs of NagalandIndian. J. Vet. Med2311-32003
Pal DT, Dutta M and Bujarbaruah KMLevel of concentrate allocation and its effect on growth rate and feed utilization in Mithun calvesIndian. J.Anim.Sciences73190-932003
Pal DT, Dutta M and Bujarbaruah KMComparative studies on feed utilization by Mithun and Cattle calvesIndian. J. Anim. Sciences731102-1032003
Lalrintluanga K and Dutta MPregnancy diagnosis in swine from urine using Barium chloride testIndian. J. Anim. Research432114-1162009
Das KK and Choudhury MDTherapeutic Management of Incomplete Cervical dilation in a cowIntas Polivet152300-3012014
Das KK and Choudhury MDPost partum uterine eversion and its management in a cow Intas Polivet152420-4212014
Choudhury H, Sarmah VB, Dhali A, Choudhury MD, Vidyarthi VK, Kumar S, Baruah UK and Sarma DKChromosomal characteristics of Tho-Tho cattle (Bos indicus ) in Nagaland, India.African Journal of Agricultural Research9382894-29002014.422
Barua PM, Choudhury MD, Nath PJ, Goswami S and Ahmed KAbnormal Gartner’s Duct: An Abattoir Study of Bovine Female GenitaliaThe Indian Vet. J9112722014
Barua PM, Bhuyan D and Choudhury MDManagement of expulsion of Macerated foetus in bitch: A case reportThe Nort- East Veterinarian8426-272014
Das KK and Choudhury MDSuccessful treatment of Hydrops uteri in a local goatNorth East Veterinarian1528-92015
Saikia B, Barua PM, Dutta DJ, Deka BC, Choudhury MD, Bora RS, Dev H and Raj HGlycerol and ethylene glycol as cryoprotectants for vitrification of immature bovine oocytesIndian J. Anim. Sci859968-9712015
Deka KC, Barua PM, Ahmed K, Choudhury MD and Sarma DSchistosomusreflexus in a Holstein Frisian Newborn (Bos Taurus) calf: A case ReportDHR-Int. J. Med. Sci62120-1232015
Choudhury H, Sarmah VB, Dhali A, Choudhury MD, Kumar S and Vidyarthi VKHaematological profile in Tho-Tho cattle (Bos indicus ) in Nagaland and its comparition to Mithun (Bos frontalis) and Assam local cattle (Bos indicus). North- East Veterinarian15110-142015
Saikia B, Barua PM, Dutta D, Deka BC, Dutta Choudhury M, Dev H and Handique SEffect of vitrification techniques on post-thaw survivability and in vitro maturation of immature bovine oocytes Indian Journal of Animal Sciences864421-4232016
Deka KC, Barua PM, Ahmed K, Dutta Choudhury M, Nath M and Sarma DKTherapeutic management of pre-partum vaginal prolapse in a jersey crossbred cow. Asian Journal of Science and Technology742718-27192016
Choudhury MD, Barua PM and Deka KCSurgical management of unilateral ventral hernia of gravid uterus in a crossbred cowIntas Polivet17170-712016


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