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Gnanavel Venkatesan, Vinayagamurthy Balamurugan, Manimuthu Prabhu, Revaniah Yogisharadhya, Durlav P Bora, Pradeep N Gandhale, M S Siva Sankar, A M Kulkarni, Raj K Singh & Veerakyathapa Bhanuprakash Emerging and re-emerging zoonotic buffalopox infection: a severe outbreak in Kolhapur (Maharashtra), IndiaVeterinaria Italiana 464439-4820100.675
Bhrigu K Neog, Nagendra N Barman, Durlav P Bora, Sudip C Dey and Apurba ChakravartyExperimental infection of pigs with group A rotavirus and enterotoxigenic Escherichia coli: gross, histopathological and immunological studyVeterinaria Italiana472117-12820110.675
D.P. Bora, G. Venkatesan, V. Bhanuprakash, V. Balamurugan, M. Prabhu, M.S. Siva Sankar, R. Yogisharadhya TaqMan real-time PCR assay based on DNA polymerase gene for rapid detection of Orf infectionJournal of Virological Methods178249-25220111.959
R. Yogisharadhya, V. Bhanuprakash, M. Hosamani, G. Venkatesan, V. Balamurugan, D.P. Bora,V. Bhanot, M. Prabhu, R.K. SinghComparative efficacy of live replicating sheeppox vaccine strains in OvinesBiologicals39417-42320111.523
Gnanavel Venkatesan, Vinayagamurthy Balamurugan, Durlav Prasad Bora, Revanaiah Yogisharadhya, Manimuthu Prabhu & Veerakyathappa BhanuprakashSequence and phylogenetic analyses of an Indian isolate of orf virus from sheepVeterinaria Italiana473323-33220110.675
M. Prabhu, M.S. Siva Sankar, V. Bhanuprakash, G. Venkatesan, D.P. Bora, R. Yogisharadhya, V. Balamurugan Real time PCR: A rapid tool for potency estimation of live attenuated camelpox and buffalopox vaccinesBiologicals4092-9520121.523
G.Venkatesan, V. Bhanuprakash, V. Balamurugan, D. P. Bora, M. Prabhu, R.Yogisharadhya, A. B. Pandey Rapid detection and quantification of Orf virus from infected scab materials of sheep and goatsActa virologica 5681 – 8320121.037
Durlav Prasad Bora, Nagendra Nath Barman, Sailendra Kumar Das, Veerakyathappa Bhanuprakash, Revanaiah Yogisharadhya, Gnanavel Venkatesan, Amit Kumar, Gitika Rajbongshi, Elina Khatoon, Apurba Chakraborty, Kamal Malla Bujarbaruah Identification and phylogenetic analysis of orf viruses isolated from outbreaks in goats of Assam, a northeastern state of IndiaVirus Genes4598-10420121.837
N.N. Barman, D.P. Bora, A.K. Tiwari , R.S. Kataria , G.S. Desai & P.J. Deka Classical Swine fever in Pygmy Hog.Rev. sci. tech. Off. int. Epiz313919-93020120.69
Durlav Prasad Bora, Veerakyathapa Bhanuprakash, Gnanavel Venkatesan,, Vinayagamurthy. Balamurugan, , Manimuthu Prabhu, Revaniah.Yogisharadhya Quantitative polymerase chain reaction: another tool to evaluate viable virus content in live attenuated orf vaccineVeterinaria Italiana484425-43020120.675
N. N. Barman, D. P. Bora, E. Khatoon, S. Mandal, A. Rakshit, G. Rajbongshi, K. Depner, A. Chakraborty and S. KumarClassical Swine Fever in Wild Hog: Report of its Prevalence in Northeast IndiaTransboundary and Emerging Diseasesonline firstDOI: 10.1111/tbed.1229820143.116
D P Bora, N N Barman and D K Bhattacharyya Isolation of Rotavirus in MA104 cell line from diarrhoeic piglets of AssamIndian Journal of Virology 18140-4320070.364
D P Bora, D K Bhattacharyya, N N Barman and L J Dutta Rotavirus excretion by diarrhoeic and healthy pigs of organized herds of AssamAnimal Science Reporter 3257-612009
A J Nath, N N Barman, D K Sarma, S K Das and D P Bora Seroprevelance of Brucella and Parvovirus infections in pigsIndian Veterinary Journal 86339-34120090.05
B K Neog, N N Barman, D P Bora and S K Das Clinico-pathological changes in pigs experimentally infected with local isolates of group A rotavirus and enterotoxigenic E coliIndian Journal of Comparative Microbiology, Immunology and Infectious Diseases 30115-192009
D P Bora, N N Barman, D K Bhattacharyya, S Sarma and L J Dutta Comparative efficacy of sandwich-ELISA and SDS-PAGE in detection of rotavirus in faeces of diarrhoeic pigletsIndian Veterinary Journal 87641-64320100.05
N N Barman, R S Gupt, D P Bora, R S Kataria, A K Tiwari and P Roychoudhury Molecular characterization of classical swine fever virus involved in the outbreak of MizoramIndian Journal of Virology 21176-8120100.364
D P Bora, N N Barman, D K Bhattacharyya and L J Dutta Faecal excretion of rotavirus by naturally infected pregnant sows in organized pig farms: a potent source of infection to new bornsThe Indian Journal of Animal Sciences81640-4220110.13
Champak Barman, J Goswami, B C Sarmah, D N Sarmah, S Bhuyan and D P Bora Dietary Supplementation of Zinc on Nitrigen and mineral retention in broiler chicksIndian Veterinary Journal88242-4420110.05
M Khound, K Sharma, N N Barman, D P Bora and D Kalita Immune response of pigs vaccinated with cell culture adapted Lapinized strain of Classical swine fever virusIndian Veterinary Journal891111-1520120.05
Rinky Sharma, Durlav Prasad Bora , Paromita Chakraborty, Sushmita Das and Nagendra Nath Barman Circulation of Group A Rotaviruses among Neonates of Human, Cow and Pig: Study from Assam, A North Eastern State of IndiaIndian Journal of Virology242250-25520130.364
YASHPAL SINGH MALIK, NAVEEN KUMAR, KULDEEP SHARMA, SHUBHANKAR SIRCAR, KULDEEP DHAMA, DURLAV PRASAD BORA , TAPAN KUMAR DUTTA, MINAKSHI PRASAD and ASHOK KUMAR TIWARIRotavirus diarrhea in piglets: A review on epidemiology, genetic diversity and zoonotic risksThe Indian Journal of Animal Sciences84101035–104220140.13


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