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Chalk and board teaching is far better than teaching with power point presentation


The world today is evolving, and so is technology. Technology has made our lives easy and far more efficient. Technology has given us access to things which we never imagined before and thus I disagree to what has been mentioned in the given topic of discussion.

Technological inputs in education domain have been pretty popular. Starting from products to services, the journey of technology in education has been remarkably revolutionary and PowerPoint teaching is one small part of this.

PowerPoint presentation teaching has made lives of teachers easy. Sharing of information has no limits now and learning has become more organised and above all, it allows teachers to conduct more interactive classes. In a chalk  & board classroom, the interaction is mostly a one-way traffic but if taught with PowerPoint, the sessions become more active and interactive and there is more involvement of the students.


Maitraya Goswami

Entrepreneur & Founder,

Utkarsh Foundation

Teaching is always regarded as the noblest among all the professions. Teachers shape a society and are considered as the architect of the future generation. The way of teaching vary among teachers as some are more comfortable in teaching using B/W board and others with power point presentation. As per my opinion, power point presentation teaching is better than the chalk and board teaching. Especially in science, there are lots of phenomena and processes which need to be visualized by the students while learning. Power point presentation can efficiently incorporate such things and make it possible to teach in a better way. Power point teaching is also time-efficient as we can teach lot more about the topics in a classroom than the conventional B/W board teaching. The audio-visuals and animations related to a specific topic are very effective in order to make a class interesting and to hold the attention of students for a longer period of time. Whatever may be the way of teaching, a teacher must understand his students well and should be able to explain a topic up to their understanding in the easiest possible way.


Suraj Chetri

Guest Faculty

Handique Girls’ College

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