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Guidelines to Authors


Guidelines For Research Articles

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Author Guidelines


Guidelines For Popular Articles

BioNE will accept popular articles highlighting different aspects of various disciplines falling within the broad subject area of biology, viz. biotechnology, molecular biology, disease biology, biochemistry, biophysics, bioinformatics, computational biology, environmental science, etc.

Manuscript Preparation for popular articles:

  1. MS Word format (.doc or .docx)

  2. Font type- Times New Roman

  3. Font size 12

  4. Line spacing 1.5

  5. Maximum 3-4 pages of A4 size

With suitable figures, tables and diagrams if felt necessary by the author.

Author Information:

  1. Name of the Author/Authors_____________________________________

  2. Designation of Author/Authors________________________________

  3. E-mail ID of Author/Authors ______________________

  4. Name and address of the Institute to which the Author/Authors are associated:____________________

  5. Soft copies of the articles should be sent to the following email address: bione@vetbifg.ac.in


References should be incorporated in the Harvard style. 

N.B. To increase your visibility among the scientific community of the region, you may register yourself immediately to the BABRONE online database.


Letters To The Editor

The section will primarily focus on the reader’s views, comments and expert suggestions on any issue related to this e-zine. We would welcome any radical opinion on varied sections of the e-zine and its contents. The readers may put forward their valuable suggestions to improve and may also provide their input on making the sections more appealing and interesting to them.

View Points

In this section, we will publish the views of readers on a particular topic. The topic will cover a specific area / subject basically connected to biological sciences. Readers may express his/ her own views either in positive or negative and also can provide opinions/suggestions. Views must be in clear understandable English reflecting on the topic. Readers may mail us their views in a short paragraph containing NOT more than 300 words. Readers must provide their full name, full institute/organization name, designation and place of working below their views. Editor would have the right to edit the text without changing the meaning of the views expressed.


We believe that behind every invention and discovery there is always a curious mind working. This section of BioNE, is dedicated to all those young curious minds who have been thinking and working on unexplored possibilities in the horizon of biological sciences. Today’s learning process is no longer confined in books, rather it is based on questioning beyond the existing knowledge and searching for relevant answers. Here, we are inviting all those curious minds to put up questions and bring up a joint platform to share their ideas.

Biodiversity Gallery

This section will focus on the biodiversity of North-East India. Here we will publish photographs of birds, wildlife, flora and fauna and any living thing that depicts the biodiversity of North-East India. Please mail us your original work along with caption and brief description to bione@vetbifg.ac.in

Research Highlights

The cornerstone of this section is to disseminate the current research findings and development in biological science among the scientific community of the globe. In this section, we will publish the most recent/current/novel research findings related to biological science. Researchers can address their findings as a concise summary clearly reflecting the research conducted, its findings and probable application in near future. The summary must be written in English language with NOT more than 350 words in MS word file and the same can be submitted to the official email-ID of BIONE. The summary should include the full name of the Researcher(s), name of Laboratory/Department where original work was carried out and name of the Institution.

Articles For School Children

This section will focus primarily on topics related to school children with an objective to give a brief idea about new technological advances in the field of Biology as a well as Biotechnology. Authors can send their valuable articles in a clear and concise manner within 1500-2000 words written either in Assamese or English and the same can be submitted to the official email-ID of BIONE. The article should contain the full name and affiliation of the Author(s).