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Research Highlights(27th Issue)

Auto-fluorescent agent against drug resistant malarial parasite Malaria is a mosquito-borne parasitic disease caused by Plasmodium spp. that infects human and many other species. In 2021, about 247 million malaria cases were reported worldwide and there were almost 6,19,000 deaths. Although, there are drugs to cure malaria, the malaria causing parasites

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Research Highlights(25th Issue)

  Novel computational tool to design mRNA with more stability and immunogenicity Development of mRNA vaccines by different companies to fight COVID-19 has given scope to the scientific community to develop mRNA vaccines against other infectious diseases. Besides generation of vaccines, mRNAs have application in antibody therapy, gene therapy, personalized medicine and

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Research Highlights

  Status of new therapeutics to fight COVID-19   Most of the newly developed COVID-19 vaccines are showing promising results in controlling the pandemic across the globe. However, the hunt for potent and effective therapeutics against COVID-19 is still on because availability of effective therapeutic agent(s) is also a pre-requisite to end the

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