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Letters To The Editor (Seventh Issue)


Dear Editor,

As energy is the basis of life itself, an idea is the source of innovation. I feel happy and pleased to write for the e-zine “BioNE” which is a great initiative by the BABRONE team, CVSc, AAU Khanapara, Guwahati to highlight some of the featured biological issues of the Northeast India.

Science and society are integrated to each other. Scientific research not meant for social benefit is a momentous waste. Sharing of scientific knowledge with the general public who are unaware of scientific developments is important to keep the world safe from harmful factors like global warming and spreading of infectious diseases. But the researchers who are very isolated in their research are not at all aware of the gains from public sharing, nowadays a subject of contemplation. Spreading awareness of scientific facts among common people can minimize the loss of resource – both natural and human. I am sure that the literary and artistic pieces contributed by our budding biotechnologists will reflect their creativity and dreams to achieve greater heights. I hope that the contents of this magazine will be so good that it will set a benchmark for other schools.

Yours sincerely,
Jesminwara Begum
M.Sc. Biotechnology
KIIT University

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